Here are 10 different ideas for a Rockford themed tattoo.


Would you ever be willing to show off some hometown pride by getting a Rockford themed tattoo? If so, here are some ideas for you.

10 Rockford Themed Tattoos

  1. Symbol - When it comes to the sights and sounds of Rockford, symbol really stands out front. The color will really pop.
  2. Sock Monkey - Rockford is the official home of the sock monkey. You can even give your sock monkey on your tattoo its own theme. A theme within a theme.
  3. Cheap Trick - Nothing wrong with getting a black and white checkerboard tattoo to pay homage to one of the greatest bands of all time.
  4. Your alma mater - Show some school spirit. Which school did you graduate from? East, Guilford, Auburn, Rockford Valley College, or Rockford University
  5. Rockford IceHogs - Hammy and hockey make a great tattoo combo.
  6. Rockford Peaches - It's a good way to sneak in that Madonna tattoo you always wanted.
  7. Beef A Roo - The cheese fries are so tasty, no one will judge you for getting a tattoo of them.
  8. Rockford Logo - Nothing shows off city pride than a Real. Original. Rockford, Illinois, USA logo tattoo.
  9. Coronado Performing Arts Center - It's the crown jewel of our community and it can be the crown jewel on your body too.
  10. Rock River Catfish - Good thing is you can make it as big or as small you want to go along with your fish story.

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