We are all over here hoping for a Cubs World Series win, but I don't think we're planning on taking it as far as one Cubs fan.

I've been a Cubs fan my whole life, though I'm sure many people would argue I'm just the sister and daughter of Cubs fans... either way I proudly wear my Cubby blue pretty often.

Not nearly as proudly as this guy.

Dean Masini is a 47-year-old father of four and extreme Cubs fan. So extreme that he is convinced that the Cubs will win another World Series sometime before 2019. Otherwise he's gonna have to get that tattoo altered.

According to DNA Info, He got the tattoo last November, after arguably the best Cubs season in years. However, Dean says there is no "plan B" on the tat. He is convinced the boys in blue will do it.

The tattoo cost $250, but Dean doesn't show it to too many people despite the fact that he has season tickets in the bleachers.

For Dean's sake and for the rest of the Cubs fans, let's hope they do it this year!

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