About a month ago we started the search for your favorite bartender, we found her.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Meet Maggie Slankard she was voted by you the Eagle listener, "Rockford's Favorite Bartender".

As her Facebook profile reads: "I can do all things through coffee who strengthens me. Or booze. Booze also works". Working with booze is her passion, and working with you the customer is what it's all about.

Maggie takes pride in her bartending skills and her people skills.Talking with her today I could bartending at Rural on Tap is more than just a "job" it is a passion that she takes to heart.

Making people feel welcomed and comfortable is very important - Maggie

The Eagle listeners think you are awesome Maggie and so does 96.7 The Eagle. Listen to my full interview with Rockford's Favorite Bartender today at 4:30pm



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