You can own a piece of fast food history by purchasing McDonald's Hamburger University campus in the Chicago suburbs.

Growing up I heard of "Hamburger University" but I thought it was made up. As I got older, I figured out it was a real thing. In fact, I grew up just a few miles from it.

According to,

"As McDonald’s prepares to move to its new headquarters in Chicago’s Fulton Market district this spring, the fast-food chain is also cutting ties with its longtime home in Oak Brook."

"McDonald’s 74-acre campus, home to the company’s global headquarters, its Hamburger University and a Hyatt hotel, soon will be officially for sale."

One of my friends did a summer internship for McDonald's and he said it was an awesome place to work. I stood up for another friend's wedding and we took pictures on the campus because of it's beautiful grounds.

I think it would be a great place for another company.

"The Oak Brook McDonald’s campus is one of the 10 sites, and one of just two in the suburbs submitted in the Chicago area’s proposal to land Amazon’s planned second headquarters."

Now that would be perfect.

If they couldn't get a company to move into the location, it might make a unique residential community.

"The Plaza building could potentially be razed to make room for a mix of retail, residential, hotel and office space."

Hopefully, someone will see potential and it won't stay empty long.

Just remember, if you plan on attending Hamburger University, it's going to take longer to drive into the city to take classes.

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