We've all gone to restaurants and said "You know if I owned this place...".  Well, maybe this is the place and time for you to own your own restaurant.  Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery has closed its doors and is selling the beloved building.

Bishop Hill, Illinois is located about 50 minutes from downtown Davenport just 18 minutes to the west of Kewanee.  The restaurant is located right in the middle of the tiny town.

Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery Closing after 17 years

Tom Campbell of Bishop Hill Bakery went to Facebook in February to announce that they would be closing.  Tom said "The time has come to make new memories and dreams. And after a lot of consideration and prayer, we have decided to close Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery. Our family isn’t moving. Sweet Annie Primitives is back in the original bakery building. I will still be working with my friends at Heartland Connections and Crossroads Cultural Connections to promote live music and the arts in our area. And of course, we are still deeply involved with our kids’ activities in the area. This area is our home."

You can see and watch Tom's full statement below.

The for-sale sign is up.

Two and a half months after Tom announced the restaurant would be closing, the restaurant and building are now officially for sale.  And not only can you get the building, and land but, everything that comes with it!  All the tables, chairs, ovens, sandwich station, coolers, freezers, counters, etc. are included.  The total asking price is $150,000 for the turn-key way to start your own restaurant, or just carry on what Tom and the family started 17 years ago.

So what would your restaurant be like?

We all have ideas in our heads.  What we would serve?  What the decor would be like?  What music we would play?

For me, I'd go with cheese and tacos.  Plus pizza and burgers.  I'd gain so much weight.  But especially the cheeses.  Lots of cheese.  Plus of course, there would be plenty of craft beers, whiskey, and tequila.

But that is just me!  You can do it however you want.  Check out the pictures below and if you are ready to make your vision a reality, message Bishop Hill on Facebook or call (309)453-4770.

Keep Looking at the for sale Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery

After 17 years Bishop Hill Bakery & Eatery has closed. Maybe this is the place you've been looking for to start your own restaurant, bakery, or bar. Check out the photos and see if you can make your vision a reality.

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