A grammatical error can make or break an intended message. Though easy to do, some errors create a cringe-worthy moment for the reader.

I'm not perfect when it comes to grammar but I do know the differences between there, their, they're, too, to, you're, your, and the "before E" rule.

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One would think when it comes to selling something you would want the product information to be free of grammatical errors, right? I mean if I'm dropping a decent amount of money on something it isn't coming from somewhere or someone who doesn't proofread the advertisement.

(Again, I know we're all guilty of typos, I know you'll find one in some of the articles I've written.)


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Over the weekend a friend of mine was out and about in Rockford and rolled by a sign full of unfortunate errors, some of which are vital to what they are trying to sell.

In an effort to help with their next sign, let's look at the sign and break down the errors.

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There are some red flags if you're looking for a pet, of course this is just an opinion.

  1. Do those puppies belong to Poppy or did they misspell 'puppies'?
  2. It's purebred not 100% pure bread.

Let's say this person just lacks spelling skills, it happens. My question is how hasn't a neighbor or friend been like, "Yo, you should fix your sign."

Again, not slamming the person who is selling these pups (Poppy?), I just feel they would get more calls if there were less errors on the sign.

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