In Wisconsin, a mask was invented for woodwind players.

I have been asked a bunch of times in the past few months, what entertainment do I miss the most right now. I would definitely have to say concerts. I love going to see live bands. Music is my main hobby. I am all about going to shows. I also enjoy going record shopping. I spend a lot of time down in my basement jamming my stereo.

Unfortunately, there have not been any shows to go to but that does not mean there has not been any music to check out. I have been watching a lot of live stream events. There have been some really good ones. I just watched The Nielsen Trust a couple of days ago. It was really cool.

I have noticed that some musicians wear masks to be safe while they are playing together. Well, except for the singers. That would be difficult. I was thinking about players of flutes, horns, woodwinds, and more. What do they do? They can not play with a mask on. At the same time, I think it would be safer if they covered up. Saliva is going to come out. They can not help it.

Guess what, someone in Wisconsin can up with a solution, a specially made mask with a hole for the intrument.

According to,

“It has an extra hole in the side which is where you put the flute and that allows the player to play and have their air be contained. The problem with the flute is that when you blow, a lot of the air goes into the room. It’s made it much easier for them to function in a public rehearsal situation and it’s much safer. Developed three different types of masks for flutes, brass, and woodwinds. ” 

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