I don't know if this phrase has ever been uttered: But the flat-Earther here might NOT be the craziest person in this story.

A 36-year-old guy in New Zealand named Jamie Sutherland recently had dinner with a friend named Louie Lanz. They've known each other since elementary school.

And Louie kept going on about how the Earth isn't round, then said he'd bet Jamie $10,000 that it was flat. So Jamie took him up on it, because hey, free money.

Except Louie thinks all the proof about Earth being round is part of a massive conspiracy. So there was no way to convince him.

They ran into each other at a gas station later on. And Jamie told Louie he still owed him the $10,000. But Louie refused to pay. So Jamie lost it, and threatened to kill him and his father with a crossbow if he didn't pay him the money.

Louie called the cops, and they've been dealing with it since February. But on Monday, a judge dismissed all the charges. And no one has to pay the $10,000.

Overall, Louie might still be the crazier one though. Because in court, he claimed the Moon landings were faked, and that Albert Einstein was a plant by the government.

And he also got 80 hours of community service back in 2015 for joking he had a BOMB on an Air New Zealand flight.

Read more at Otago Daily Times.

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