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There's a special place in hell for a chump like this. The good news is this fella won't be hunting in Illinois, or Wisconsin, or Iowa or.....48 total states, ever again.  FOX21

Iniki Kapu is looked at as a threat, to wildlife. In Colorado, wildlife officials found an abandoned truck back in October of 2018 that had spoiled meat of a dead deer in the back. This lead authorities down a path that would prove that this guy was doing things all wrong.

Iniki Kapu illegally poached deer, turkeys and a bighorn sheep ram. This ticked off wildlife officials and hunters alike. It is unfair to the wildlife, upsets the balance, and it's highly illegal.

"Colorado Parks and Wildlife aggressively pursues anyone who illegally takes wildlife. When you poach, you are stealing from all residents of Colorado." - Frank McGee, CPW Area Wildlife Manager

Because of his actions, Mr. Kapu has received a lifetime hunting ban in 48 states. His crime is included in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. I think playing Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo is also forbidden.

Iniki's crime was described as "among the worst." Thankfully this man has been stopped before things could get worse.

"The severity and level of indifference for wildlife in this case are rarely seen and cannot be tolerated.” - Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hearing Examiner Steven Cooley

Iniki Kapu has around 30 days to appeal his lifetime suspension from hunting in 48 states, but it seems pretty likely the ban will stand.


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