Deputies in Clearwater, FL, responded to a domestic disturbance call that would be hard to hold in laughter for most.

After arriving on scene and taking statements, they found that the husband had asked for a divorce, which 69 year old Pamela Carr, did not take well. You see, the couple had been together for nine years.

After arguing about whether to divorce or not, the husband wouldn't budge on his position, so Pamela grabbed her taser and gave him several zaps at close range. It's unclear how many times she tased him, police say less than twelve, but more than six.

If you don't know yet, stun guns and tasers do not feel too good, and can cause you to void your fluids:

Pamela admitted to zapping her husband, but claims she acted in self-defense.

She was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic battery.

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