An employee of a San Antonio chemicals manufacturing facility is behind bars after making some less than kind threats towards them.

On January 28th, William Sturts was the center of some workplace ballbusting after shaving his beard. One employee reportedly said something along the lines of William being a "New employee and the company hiring a new girl."

William got tired of the comments, so being called a girl set him off. He asked if the co-worker would like to fight, and even swung at him before other co-workers stepped in to separate the two.

As he was being pulled away from the scuffle, he shouted some more unsavory phrases, like "What is his problem? Hasn't he ever heard of Columbine before? He is the reason for workplace violence," as well as mentioning "dissolving bodies" and "making explosives."

When police detained Sturts, he told them he had a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, an extra magazine, and a knife on him.

Police arrested Sturts for unlawful carry, and later added on a charge of terroristic threat.

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