The next episode of Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford takes me to Bella Luna Bakery in downtown Rockford.

If this is your first time checking out "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford," here's the story behind it. I have lived in Rockford for over twenty years, but there are still some things I've never done in town. My friend, Andrea, from RACVB has done a great job taking me to experience new things.

I was very excited for this next adventure. Growing up, my neighbors owned a bakery. Every Saturday, my Dad and I would run errands and that was always one of our stops. Sometimes I got to visit the kitchen and watch them make things like donuts and cakes.

This week, we visited Bella Luna Bakery in downtown Rockford. I had never been there before. I've heard some great things about their famous Mrs. Fisher's potato chip cookies. I looked forward to trying some and even making some myself. Plus, I've never worked in a bakery.

Here's the video of my time working for Bella Luna Bakery.

Video: Making Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chip Cookies at Bella Luna Bakery 

If you aren't familiar with Bella Luna Bakery, here is the description from their website.

"Owned by Polly Matranga Happach and Lorie Parker-Weinrich. We are unique to Rockford's historical and cultural geography. Our bakery hopes to bring together two sides of the Rock River by specializing in Italian and Scandinavian baked goods. Aiming to provide customers with a traditional bakery and cafe where family and community is embraced."

I had a good time hanging with Polly and Lorie. They are so much fun and great hosts. When you stop by, make sure to say "hi" to them. The food is really tasty. As the holidays approach, I suggest checking them out. Don't forget they will be open during "Stroll on State." Maybe, I'll be working there.

Big thanks to Polly, Lori, and Andrea for another great "Things Double T Has Never Done In Rockford."


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