When Netflix released 'Making a Murderer' I was hooked. I've watched both the original and follow up, have done more research online, and have looked into all the conspiracy theories countless number of times. There was just something so captivating about the case and the circumstances around it that it was hard not to get sucked in.

There was always something so sad about Brendan Dassey's "involvement" in the case. a 15 year old kid who had some mental handicaps being grilled by police who were trying to make their story work. In fact, his "testimony" was a big part of how both men were convicted.

Brendan Dassey recently applied for a pardon and was denied by the Wisconsin pardon board according to The Rock River Times. Dassey's attorneys have also asked the governor's office to considered commuting his sentence, but that too was denied.

Regardless of your feelings on the case, I think one thing everyone can agree to is that there seemed to be a lot of perplexing info and evidence in the case. I don't know if we will ever get the truth and answers we seek but I know we got the ones they gave us and unfortunately for Brendan Dassey, that means a life in prison until at least 2048.

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