Having a tough day? Need to cheer up? Well, look no further.

The hashtag #MakeTodayBetterIn4Words trended on Twitter on Friday and it's the optimistic fix you need heading into the weekend.

There are plenty of photos of animals with words of calming wisdom, as well as the more-than-handful of political-related posts -- some for Donald Trump and some bashing Hillary Clinton. So, depending what side of the aisle you lean, some of these posts may indeed make today better for you, but, sadly, some are bound to enrage you.

Whatever your viewpoint, don't give in to the trolls. Be better than that. Otherwise, you're going to get into a war of words with someone you don't know and that will most definitely not make today better. For you, for the nameless person you're debating, for anyone.

The Best Tweets Ever:

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