A new study shows, men need to hang out with friends to stay healthy.

I know it sounds made up, but it's actually true.

According to healthspiritbody.com a recent study has shown,

"Strong male friendships create a stronger immune system, the release of endorphins, an overall decrease in anxiety levels, and even higher levels of generosity."

Think about that, the next time you get invited out for a "Boy's Night."

Now, it still might be difficult to convince your significant other that you need to go out with your friends that often.

Even if you and your partner really enjoy doing everything together. Remember, you can't forget your friends.

If you tell your wife or girlfriend, you are going out to get drunk with your buddies at Tiger Tail. She's probably not going to sign off on that.

Chose your "Guy Time" activities wisely. Here are some ideas.

Check out a sporting event - There are plenty in the area. You can stay local and for to the IceHogs, Rivets, or Rockford Speedway. You could do more of an all day thing like the Cubs, Bears, Bulls, or Blackhawks.

Start a team - Softball at Sportscore, bowling at Don Carter Lanes, golf at Aldeen, or a pick up basketball game at the YMCA.

Watch live music - You could go to a show at the Coronado or BMO Harris Bank Center. Something local at Mary's Place. Maybe out of town at Allstate Arena.

Support your favorite team - There is a good chance that at least one person in the group has their own "Mancave." It's a good place to get together and watch your favorite college team play. You could even put together a card game.

Go to a movie - Get the gang together and check out the latest super hero movie at Showplace 16. If possible, sit every other seat.

If you stay out of trouble, your lady will be more willing to let you go out with your buddies. She might even start her own "Ladies' Night" or enjoy some "Me" time.

Here's a good example of hanging with a friend.

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