There's a mailbox set up near Wrigley Field where Chicago Cubs fans can send the former manager, Joe Maddon, thank you cards.

I guess I'm in the minority when it comes to Cubs fans. I don't think Joe Maddon deserved to be fired. Now, this is not the time or place to discuss that fact. The former manager did something nobody was able to accomplish in 108 years. He led the team to a World Series Championship. No matter how you feel about his employment, you have to appreciate what he did for Chicago baseball fans.

Now, you can personally thank you.

According to,

"The thank-you notes began to pile up in the special mailbox near the entrance of Maddon’s Post, the restaurant former Cubs manager Joe Maddon opened in May on the corner of Clark Street and Waveland Avenue. The staff bought a mailbox and put out postcards with Maddonisms like “Do Simple Better” and “The Flamingo Knows” printed on one side, offering customers an opportunity to write notes to their boss and friend on the other. The postcards will be collected every week and mailed to Maddon wherever he is."

Here's a picture of the special mailbox from Chicago Tribune Sports Writer, Paul Sullivan's, Twitter page...

Thank you, Joe.

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