A Rastafarian Church and the city of Madison, Wisconsin are in a legal fight about the organization allowing parishioners to smoke marijuana in their sanctuary.

I remember as a child going to church every Sunday with my parents. I was really never excited about it.

Religions are always looking for ways to recruit new members. In fact, several times a year I have different ones in my neighborhood going door to door trying to find new people.

A church in Madison, Wisconsin has found a way to bring in new members and get them interested in their beliefs.

According to barstoolsports.com,

"Wisconsin church allows worshipers to use cannabis during services and 6,000 people joined in the first month."

"Organizers at the Lion of Judah House Rastafari, in Madison, Wisconsin claim the use of cannabis in 'religious practice' is protected by the First Amendment."

Marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin, so officials aren't interested in letting this squeak by.

According to hightimes.com,

"The city has given two men from the Lion of Judah House of Rastafari church an ultimatum, stop providing its members with marijuana or face potential legal repercussions." 

The police have raided the church several times and confiscated cannabis products. Also, the city has given them a cease and desist order. They believe the religious organization is just a front to sell weed.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end.


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