Citizens of Machesney Park are currently allowed to burn leaves twice a year but the upcoming election in November could change that.

I lived in unincorporated Rockford for a couple of years and it was strange that my neighbors would burn their leaves every fall. They could because it was legal there. I had never lived anywhere you could.

Even though it's only allowed in April and November, I was surprised you could still do it at all in Machesney Park. So many are people are highly against it because how it impacts the environment and sinuses.

According to,

"The Machesney Park Board of Trustees is considering whether to ban the burning of fall and spring leaves. Recreational fires over fire pits would remain legal."

If you're pro-burning, don't freak out just yet. The trustees are still trying to decide if they want to include it. Also, no matter what the result. The vote would be just advisory. The final decision would come directly from the village officials.

I'm sure both sides will apply a lot of pressure.

It will be interesting to see how it all works out.


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