Since the debate for legal marijuana has yet to be settled, CBD products popularity continues to rise.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the natural occurring compound found in the cannabis plant.

Basically, the health benefits from the plant, but without the high.

The Hemp Center of Northern Illinois is the latest to start selling CBD products.

Opening their doors this past Saturday, owner Laura Renner has worked in the medical marijuana industry for roughly the last five years.

She has a growing commitment to helping people by using CBD products:

"I really got into patient care," Renner said. "It was my passion working with people and seeing this [CBD] work, but also realized that a lot of patients didn't want the THC aspect or couldn't take the THC, so I wanted to open up a store where you could have CBD products for you, for your pets, for everyday health, for working out or even for different medical illnesses."

The store is currently working on the website and it should be up and running in the upcoming weeks.




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