In Chicago, there's now a lounge open where you can cuddle bunnies.

I really enjoyed myself in college. I met lots of good people and experience a bunch of amazing things. When I look back, there were some strange ones too. One summer, I decided to stay at school. I lived in an apartment with three buddies. It was a fun place to hang out. Friends would come over all the time.

One of my roommates decided we needed a pet, so he went to the store to get one. A couple of hours later, he came back with a scorpion. It wasn't what we expected, but it just added to the mystique of our home. Then a couple of days later, one of my other roomies brought back a bunny. Apparently, it was his girlfriend's pet. Her parents wouldn't let her keep it at their house and it needed a place to stay, so he volunteered our apartment. Since we had a scorpion already, he thought it would be okay. Now, our college summer residence had a scorpion and bunny. It was weird but fun.

We couldn't do much with the scorpion but the rabbit became our little buddy. We never kept it in a cage. It got free reign of the living room. Any girls that came to visit just loved our bunny. We were all disappointed when she came back at the end of the summer and took it back. I always wanted another one after that but never pulled the trigger.

Now, there's a place in Chicago where I can spend time with a cute bunny again.

According to,

"Cuddle Bunny, a recently established business at 2901 N. Clark, advertises a variety of events centered around bunnies. The owner, Barbara Burdick, otherwise known as “bb,” came up with the idea after hearing a friend discuss the different animal cafes she visited in Japan. For $12/hour, customers can love, pet, and feed a variety of different bunnies."

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to have your own bunny, here's a chance without the responsibilities. Next time the kids ask for a rabbit during Easter, this is an alternative. Sounds like a fun thing to do with the family.

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