Keeping Northern Illinois Beautiful is not only her job, it's her passion.


Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

The month of June "96.7 The Eagle Thinks You're Awesome" award winner is Lori Gummow.

Lori is the Executive Director of "Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful" and that is exactly what she does.

Listening to Lori speak in studio yesterday, it's so obvious where her heart is. This "career" chose her, she loves what she does.

It's people like Lori Gummow that make Rockford shine. Do the work, be passionate about it, and take pride is helping others.

It was a joy to finally meet Lori, we have many mutual friends in the community and could has talked yesterday for hours.

Thank you Lori Gummow for what you do, Rockford thanks you and 96.7 The Eagle honors you for all of your hard work.

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