The city of Rockford now owns a long time empty property located on East State Street.

I've had the Mayor of Rockford, Tom McNamara, on my show several times. We always talk about good things in Rockford and things he's working on to improve the city. One topic he has brought up a few times is blight. Unfortunately, we have a lot of old vacant dilapidated buildings that look bad. His goal is to address that issue head-on. I would say this is a great way to back that up.

According to,

"The City of Rockford says it has another notch in its belt in the fight against blight after announcing it has ownership of the old Magna supermarket building on E. State Street. The building, at 3915 E. State, has sat vacant for more than two decades. Last spring, the City took the owner to court, demanding that the property either be repaired, demolished, or redeveloped. Ownership will now be transferred to the City in lieu of foreclosure. The City has not revealed plans on what it will do with the property."

I think that's a great move by the city. Hopefully, something can go in the spot and be successful.

Video: Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara Looks Back On 2019 & Previews 2020.



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