A massive crowd filled Grant Park in Chicago for the 2021 Lollapalooza festival. It's safe to say, a good amount of in state and out of state attendees were high as hell.

Illinois set yet another monthly weed record. This time, about 50% of the sales came at the end of the month...for Lollapalooza.

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Illinois sold $127.8 million in recreational pot for the month of July, thanks in big part the four day Lollapalooza festival. Yes, people were burying booze in Grant Park earlier in the week, and digging it up during the fest...But the sticky icky was the preferred choice of how to tolerate the majority of that "music."

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According to WREX out of state visitors accounted for 16% of the July weed sales. Those that wanted to have a little something green with their Journey concert, came from all over. Imagine road tripping with your friends to Lollapalooza and instead of throwing a cooler in your trunk, you simply went to the legal pot store down the street from the concert and went shopping. O.K., I need something that numbs me for Miley Cyrus...Something that makes me sleepy for Post Malone...Something so I don't break stuff during Limp Bizkit, and something that allows me to sing along loudly to Journey. O.K. sir your total in $400.00. Legal weed, god bless the USA.

Dispensaries in River North and the West Loop in Chicago had a good time meeting the needs of the weed heads, and they raked in the profits big time.

Way to go Lollapaloozers.

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