Unfortunately, cancer is one of those things that seems to affect us all. It could be you, a loved one or friend.

One local woman is taking her own battle one step further and turning her birthday into a fundraiser.

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Alicia Neubauer was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer on July 24, 2017.

Over the past year, she has been very open about her journey through treatment with the hopes it would help her process her cancer treatments and help someone else through their own cancer journey.

She received a lot of positive response from her community and now she would like to put the focus on where she feels it is most needed Stage IV cancer.

Neubauer wants to focus on Stage IV because through her journey she found out that only 2% of research money for breast cancer is used towards Stage IV cancer research.

She is about to celebrate her 40th birthday and using this milestone to raise 40,000 for Stage IV Cancer Research!

Neubauer's Phenomenal 40th Birthday Celebration is Thursday, September 13th at The Standard on E. State Street from 6 to 9 pm. Get your tickets to the party by clicking here.

If you would just like to help Alicia reach her goal, you can make a donation here.

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