Let's fill the snack bowl this Memorial Day Weekend, with a battle of locally made chips!

Bag of Potato Chips

There are three different locally made potato chips that was are going to discuss, and then ask you to vote.

When you are doing your shopping for this weekend, lets keep it local and go with these three different locally made potato chips.


  • Ole Salty's Original Kettle Cooked Chips, Rockford - Totally lives up to its name. That salt craving will be met here.
  • Mrs. Fischers Potato Chips,  Rockford - Crunchy and delicious. A texture thing that wins in my book.
  • Mrs. Mike's Potato Chips, Freeport - Grew up eating these so I might be bias. Not as salty, the greasy smooth texture wins me over.

Buy some of each this weekend and do your own taste test, you'll win with all of them. If it's crush, salt, or grease, this is the way to do it. Plus you will be buying local which is always a great thing.


This weekend we Grill Em All, with a May-tallica Memorial Day Weekend.

Chips, BBQ, friends, and eating an entire cake in 30 minutes like I did! Well sorta, click and watch.




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