A lot of great music has come out of the local scene in Rockford and this Saturday is going to be a fun flashback

I've spent lots of time in my life going out and seeing live music in Rockford. From small local bands at a bar to huge crowds for national acts at Rockford Speedway.

Of course, over time bands break up and venues close down. I will always have those incredible memories.

Sometimes, I'll get lucky and one of my favorite bands from back in the day will get back together for a special event. Over the summer, Agent Zero and 420 did a reunion show at District. It went so well, we decided we should try it again with a different set of bands.

After a few conversations, it came together. Another Rockford Music Scene Reunion Show at District. The show is this Saturday (1/13) featuring Suite Oblivion, Blackmaker, and The Merkins. Here's a little background on each band.

Suite Oblivion

Tom Leu

Suite Oblivion was a big part of the Rockford music scene starting in the late 90's thru the mid-2000's.

They played shows all over town including...

  • On The Waterfront
  • Davis Park
  • Elixur
  • L.T.'s
  • Times Theater
  • Kryptonite
  • Shooter's North
  • Hard Times

Their album "Shine" was recorded at the Noise Chamber in Rockford.

They finished second in the Bandamonium Battle of the Bands contest.

Suite Oblivion has something special planned for the evening. Several of the former members will be performing together that night.

Video: Suite Oblivion



Blackmaker were based out of Chicago in the early to mid-2000's. They recognized early on that Rockford was a great city for live music, so they spent a lot of time here playing shows. They definitely became an honorary member of the local scene.

You might have seen them at...

  • On The Waterfront
  • Wing Ding
  • Rockford Speedway
  • Elixur
  • Kryptonite

The original members of Blackmaker will be making a rare appearance on Saturday.

Video: Blackmaker

The Merkins

The Merkins have been part of the Rockford Music Scene for most of the 2000's. For them, it's not a reunion show. They've continued to play shows in the area. Nowadays, they don't play many shows but they are always quality. They often open for national acts at District. They were a big part of the old rock nights at Elixur.

Video: The Merkins

I'm very excited for this Rockford musical flashback this Saturday night at District. I hope to see you there.

Video; Interview with Jeff Dunham