A local sixth-grader is taking on the fight against hunger.

If you have ever had a garden in your yard, you know how incredible it is to bite into a fresh vegetable you grew.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, you name it, all taste better and fresher than what you get at the store.

I've started my second garden this year and it is a LOT of work. It's not just throwing seeds in the soil to see what sticks. It's a lot of love and care, pulling of weeds, watering and nurturing.

Andrew Brien knows a think or two about gardening and he does it for a great cause.

According to WREX, Andrew Brien watched a documentary on world hunger and a chord struck in his heart. He knew he had to do something, especially for those in the Stateline area.

Andrew decided to start a garden in May with the hopes to grow more than 1,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables for donation to the Rock River Valley Food Pantry.

So far, he has harvested 44 pounds of produce to donate.

This is just a fantastic story and one so close to my heart.

Gardening can be such a reward to your family and an even bigger reward to those in your community.

If you have your own garden at home, I encourage you to bring the abundance of produce to the Rock River Valley Food Pantry.