Before I tell you about this amazing castle available for rent in Eagle River, Wisconsin, I feel I need to explain what led me to this discovery...

I have a large family that loves to get together to celebrate major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, get my point. Most of my family members live within 2 hours of one another, so traveling to get everyone together isn't that hard, but the rate that my family is growing thanks to marriages and babies certainly is. For the last couple of years, there have been discussions about revamping our holiday celebrations, basically where, when, and how to host them. We've toyed with celebrating Christmas in July at our extended family cabin in Wisconsin. We've also thrown the idea out there to rent out a big vacation home somewhere so everyone could get away and celebrate, and that is what led me to the discovery of Wisconsin's Cranberry Castle.

Plan The Perfect Family Reunion at Cranberry Castile in Eagle River, Wisconsin

While searching for big places to rent and host a family get-together in Wisconsin, I came across a listing for the Cranberry Castle on VRBO. All I needed to hit 'book now' was seeing these two pictures...

Trevor Moore/Cranberry Castle Vacation Rental via Facebook
Trevor Moore/Cranberry Castle Vacation Rental via Facebook

Cranberry Castle in Eagle River, Wisconsin has 6 bedrooms, but is able to sleep eighteen people. It has 5 bathrooms, a main chef's kitchen with all the bells and whistles, another guest kitchen upstairs, a theatre room, a game room with a pool table, shuffleboard table, and more, a bar, and plenty of entertaining space both indoors and out.

The Cranberry Castle is located on Cranberry Lake, which is part of the Eagle River Chain, the largest chain of interconnected lakes in the world. Rumor has it, many famous celebrities love to stay at Cranberry Castle too! So, now the big question is, how much does all this beauty and luxury cost a night? According to VRBO, rental is $2,500 a night, BUT before you fall out of your chair, do the math. If you split that $2,500 by the 18 people the castle can sleep, you're talking about spending just over $138.00 per person/per night. Doesn't that seem much more doable?

Now here comes the part where I crush your castle dreams a bit, I just checked VRBO for availability at the Cranberry Castle, and at this point, the earliest available check-in date is not until May 25, 2022. Better start planning, (and booking) your Eagle River vacay right now!

Here are some more pictures to really get in the 'castle' mood...

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