If you want your foursome or your company to get in on the single LARGEST day of golf in Rockford, your time is running out!

Once again this year, 96.7 The Eagle is proud to partner with Rockford Cosmopolitan Club for this amazing event. The Rockford Cosmos does so much great charity work locally, and this one day event is the big one. Last year as the world shit down due to the pandemic, the Rockford Cosmos went ahead with the golf classic...Now while it didn't compare to years past, the work done and the money raised was an amazing thing. $56,000 was raised in 2020, during a pandemic. The lengths this organization will go to HELP our community is incredible.

The Rockford Cosmos Golf Classic will take place on August 13th at Forrest Hill Country Club AND at Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club. This is Rockford's Premiere Charity Golf Outing, benefiting Crusader Community Health Diabetes Program and several other local organizations.

Double T and myself had a lunch meeting about the Rockford Cosmos Golf Classic last Friday, and learned that this event is nearing a SELL OUT.

If you would like to secure your foursome or secure your business a spot in this huge Rockford event CLICK HERE.



Here's a little background on this incredible organization:

The Cosmopolitan Club of Rockford was chartered in 1949 and lead by R. C. Bourland as the club’s first Club President.  Today, the ‘Rockford Cosmos’ is the largest chapter, internationally, with 200 members.  As with all Cosmopolitan clubs, Rockford Cosmos was established to assist the cause in fighting diabetes but also to better our community by providing service and support to worthwhile projects.  In 2016, the club reached a $500,000 milestone in total contributions to Crusader Community Health.

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