For the Chicago Cubs 2021 Season, a legendary Wrigleyville bar has turned into a Christmas Theme.

Surprising New Theme For Legendary Wrigleyville Bar

The Chicago Cubs are having a pretty darn good season so far this year.  I think a lot better than anyone expected.

Perfect timing with not only people invited back to Wrigley Field but also with attendance allowed to be at full capacity.

The fans will be flocking to Wrigleyville to check out their favorite team. Looks like there is a legendary bar that decided to make a major theme change to attract visitors.

Here is a before picture...

Photo From Casey Moran's Facebook Page
Photo From Casey Moran's Facebook Page

Hanging In Wrigleyville For Chicago Cubs Games

Of course, going to a Chicago Cubs game is a great experience for fans. It is more than just going to a game. There are the pre and post-game festivities.

Unlike a lot of other ballparks, there really are not any major designated parking lots for people attending the game, just several small ones spread around the area.

In fact, many people do not even like to drive to games. They prefer to take public transportation to get there. That means little or no tailgating to get ready for the game.

Wrigley Field is in a very unique situation. It is in the middle of a neighborhood. Instead of partying in a parking lot, Cub fans hit the local bars in the neighborhood. They know how to have a good time. Everyone has their favorites.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Chicago. Out of curiosity, I drove through Wrigleyville. It has changed quite a bit. Many new places in that area. There is a lot of competition for business.

Maybe, that is why Casey Moran's decided to go with the Christmas theme. Plus, maybe they wanted to do something special for this strange year.

Casey Moran's in now Rudolph's Christmas Bar.

Check out some of the pictures. The place looks amazing. If I get a chance to attend a Cubs game this season, it will definitely be a stop.

For more info, HERE.

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