Man, it felt like a Monday this morning. HIt the snooze a dozen times. That's just a guess. I lost track at eight times. However, I did get a couple good laughs in thanks to this morning's headlines.

The first was the stunning admission that Sean Ono Lennon Doesn’t Mind Comparisons To Famous FatherI assume Paul, George and Ringo's kids may have similar sentiments. Then again, comparing Sean to John is a bit apples and oranges, isn't it? Sean seems to be happy to cut his own path and good for him.

The second is a sports story with an exciting political bent. It's like James Bond mixed with Slapshot. Apparently Vladimir Putin took part in a Night Hockey Game. This amatuer league is for regular Russian Joe's who work for The Man all day to unwind with hockey afterwards. How many times do you think ol' Vlad was checked into the boards? Amazingly his team won 21-4, with Putin scoring six goals and providing five assists. I'm sure the guys who scored those four goals are sleeping well at night!