When driving through a work zone in Illinois, here are the rules for speed limits.

When I-90 was under construction, I was driving back to Rockford from a Chicago Bears night game. It was pretty late, so there wasn't any traffic. I didn't want to get a ticket, so I was slowing down to obey the speed limits when I headed into work zones.

My friend started making fun of me. I understand he was tired and just wanted to get home. My passenger was trying to tell me if there are no workers present, you can go the normal speed limited. That wasn't the first or last time I heard that statement.

I never really believed it was real. Now, thanks to the Illinois State Police Facebook page, I know the truth. This is from a post they recently shared.

"The work zone speed limit sign posted is the one in effect. Regardless if it’s Sunday. Regardless if it’s nighttime. Regardless if there are workers present. It’s in black and white. There is no gray. Keep our roadways, workers, and motorists safe."

Next time somebody tries to convince you this urban myth is true, now you know they're lying.

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