A popular outdoor activity for Illinois residents is boating and here are a few tips to keep you safe out on the water.

Safety Tips For Boating In Illinois

The residents of Illinois really enjoy outdoor activities in the nice weather months. I believe it's because most people don't want to spend time out in the elements, let alone outside during that nasty winter season. So when it's pleasant, they try to fit in all the fun things possible.

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One of those popular summer outdoor activities is boating. It could be as small as a kayak on a creek, as big as a yacht out on Lake Michigan, or anything in between. Even if residents don't own a boat, they'll find ways to catch a ride through tour groups or something like that.

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People get so excited about the nice weather and outdoor activities like boating, that they forget about the most important thing. That is safety. Even enjoyable hobbies can be dangerous. You can easily add being out on the water in that category.

Oldest Canoe Discovered In Wisconsin Lake
Oldest Canoe Discovered In Wisconsin Lake

If you're a boat owner or plan on being one sometime in the near future, it never hurts to take a safety class. You always want to make sure your passengers are safe. Plus, owning and operating a boat isn't cheap. Here are some basic safety tips.

  • Put on a life jacket.
  • Own a fire extinguisher.
  • Keep an eye on the weather.
  • Have a sober driver.
  • Install lighting.
  • Pay attention to the area around you.
  • Know the speed limit.
  • Visible orange flag on the vessel when someone is water skiing.

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