Don't blame the Illinois State Police, when you're running late to yoga.

I can't believe something has to be said. This is information that every driver in Illinois should know before they are allowed to have a license.

Here's a post from the Illinois State Police Facebook page,

Just a reminder...

If an emergency vehicle is parked sideways across the lane with the emergency lights activated, the road is blocked.

📍Please don't try to drive around the emergency vehicle. 
📍Please don't try to pass the emergency vehicle on the shoulder. 
📍Please don't yell at the emergency responder that you are going to be late to Bingo or Yoga.🙄🙄

Perhaps the road is closed because of an emergency such as a natural disaster, a hazardous material spill, a flooded roadway, fatal crash, downed power lines, or bridge failure. Regardless, we don't want you traveling down that stretch because we are trying to keep you safe.

I do enjoy their use of humor in the reminder.

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