The Chicago Blackhawks are the top seed in the Western Conference as we jump into playoff mode.

New York Rangers v Chicago Blackhawks
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Already having the top Western Conference spot will play into the Blackhawks favor as they advance into the post season, so where does Vegas odds put them to win it all? Let's take a look at the NHL Vegas Odds for 2017:


  • Chicago Blackhawks - 9/2
  • Washington Capitals - 11/2
  • Pittsburgh Penguins - 6/1
  • Minnesota Wild - 15/2
  • Tampa Bay Lightning 75/1

I put that last one on there just for giggles, but it looks like the Chicago Blackhawks post season is shaping up nicely.

It looks like the Blackhawks opening round opponent with either be Calgary, Nashville, St. Louis, or maybe even to San Jose Sharks.

Good luck to the Chicago Blackhawks as they make yet another run at The Stanley Cup.



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