Announced yesterday by Gene Simmons, the KISS Farewell Tour has added an additional 100 shows! Originally this whole thing was supposed to be wrapping up soon with a giant New York show with "special guests" but it will now continue well into 2023.

Kiss 2021 Provided by FPC Live
Kiss 2021 Provided by FPC Live

This "Farewell" started in 2019, the pandemic hit and the guys in KISS (like everything else) stopped working. Now that things are open, and people are going back out to concerts..."You wanted the best, you got the best."

Photo of Ace FREHLEY and Peter CRISS and Paul STANLEY and KISS and Gene SIMMONS
Fin Costello, Redferns/Getty Images

I went to see the KISS Farewell Tour not long ago, back in May, in Milwaukee. These were a Christmas present I bought for my boys...years ago. We went, we had a great time, and I thought well...that's it. But hold on Rockford KISS Army!

"The tour is going so well and the band is so strong, every night is a really solid show. The crew is happy, everybody's happy so we've decided to add another 100 cities before we stop." - Gene Simmons/Loudwire

They have been all over the world so far and have covered to Midwest pretty good. Chicago, Milwaukee, random Iowa and Indiana shows too....But what about us? What about Rockford? The last time they played Rockford was 2016. I spoke with guitarist Tommy Thayer about that show. What an awesome guy!

I also spoke with Paul Stanley about the 2016 Rockford, IL show!

Official dates for the 100 new shows added, are coming soon. Cross your fingers that we get them ONE MORE TIME!



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