"I'll take Things That Don't Belong on Pizza for $500, Alex".

I'm not saying that I dislike candy corn, truth is I don't mind it at all. But just not on my pizza. That's about as gross as a Hawaiian pizza. No thanks!


Other's followed suit but thankfully with as gross as the previous concoction.

Chuck E Cheese came up with a candy corn pizza that thankfully contains no candy but just resembles the appearance of it. They layer cheese to give the pie the multi-colored look of the famous candy.

Another pizzeria, Pizza Pie Cafe, is making a dessert pizza that features candy corn as a topping. Which in my option makes more sense. Because if you're gonna put candy on a pizza it should be a dessert one.

Anyone one in Rockford gonna be putting one of these on their menu? Or is there a brave soul out there will to try it on a frozen pizza at home?