The No Mercy: John Stamos Art Show is coming to Chicago this summer.

One of my favorite music festivals to attend each year is Riot Fest. It's held during September in Chicago.

In 2013, they tried to get John Stamos' fictional band "Jesse & The Rippers" from his old TV show "Full House" to play the festival. Stamos played "Uncle Jesse" on the show.

Since they couldn't get him to play, Riot Fest decided to pay tribute to John Stamos, by hiring an artist ti sculpt a bust of "Uncle Jesse" out of butter.

Stephanie Pax - Stamos Butter Head Sculpture From Rio Fest 2013
Stephanie Pax - Stamos Butter Head Sculpture From Riot Fest 2013

The finished project was quite impressive.

Stephanie Pax - John Stamos Butter Head
Stephanie Pax - John Stamos Butter Head

Riot Fest's obsession with John Stamos is returning this year. This week they announced another tribute to "Uncle Jesse."

"Riot Fest is proud to announce "Have Mercy: The John Stamos Art Show," a group art show celebrating the magic of John Stamos." 

If you're an artist and interested in participating, please check out Riot Fest for all the details.

It's funny because I didn't watch "Full House" when it first came out. When my daughter was little she loved the show, so I saw it on reruns. I think she made me watch each episode hundreds of times.

Video: Jesse & The Rippers - Forever (Full House)

I look forward to seeing the John Stamos Art Show at this year's Riot Fest.

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