The Wisconsin city is not looking to legalize the possession of marijuana but it would change the way you would get charged for the crime.

I went to school at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

With such a large population of students, the city decided to change how they enforced laws.

Being a college campus, they knew there would be a lot of minor laws broken.

Instead of clogging up the courts with things like minors drinking, urinating in public, and public intoxication, they came up with an ordinance system.

When a student got stopped with one of these offenses, they would basically get the equivalent of an expensive traffic ticket. You didn't have to go to court. Instead, you paid a fine and you were done with it.

It didn't ruin the kid's record and the town made a lot of extra money.

Janesville is looking into this type of strategy for weed.

According to,

"Under the proposed ordinance, “officers will be able to issue a citation in the field, much like a traffic citation, allowing officers to remain in their patrol areas and better meet the needs of the community.” 

This city council proposal doesn't legalize the possession of pot. It would help the officers do their jobs more efficiently.

It worked in Normal, Illinois with the college kids, there's a good chance it could work in Janesville too.

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