It's time to raise our glasses to the great state of Illinois, which is apparently a paradise for beer enthusiasts.

The survey by may have ranked Illinois third in the country for beer lovers, according to PJStar. But we already know it's truly the numero uno when it comes to beer shenanigans. Wondering why?


Quality, Quantity, and... Quirkiness:

Illinois might rank seventh in beer quality, but who needs perfection when you can have eccentricity? (Or something like that.)

Our breweries are not afraid to experiment and serve up brews that can make your taste buds do the salsa.

From pizza-flavored beer to bacon-infused brews, Illinois has the quirkiest concoctions that will make you want t raise your glass while maybe scratching your head.

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Affordability: It's a Steal!

One of the reasons why Illinois topped the charts in the survey is because not every bar is hosting a $9 beer night.

If you do your homework you will learn you can have a beer-filled extravaganza without breaking the bank.

In fact, some breweries might pay you to enjoy their drinks! (Well, not really, but a beer lover can dream, right?)

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Breweries Beyond Chicago:

While Chicago boasts some fantastic breweries like Good Times Brewery, we've got more to offer than just that.

In Rockford, you can stumble upon Prairie Street Brewing Co., where beer is brewed with a side of laughs and good times.

If you find yourself in Peoria, Bearded Owl Brewing will bewitch you with its magical elixirs.

In Galesburg, where iron Spike Brewing Company proves that not all spikes are dangerous! It's like a beer-themed treasure hunt, but you get to drink the treasure!

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Illinois breweries have earned recognition like Mickey Finn's Brewery winning a silver medal in the Moon Rocks beer at the 2022 Beer World Cup.

Who knew rocks could taste so good? Other breweries have bagged gold medals in competitions, proving that Illinois can brew some award-winning magic.

What About Wisconsin?

Let's show love to Illinois' northern neighbor because Green Bay, Wisconsin topped the list of cheapest average beer prices in America.

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