Haunted stories and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens in Rockford, Illinois often go hand-in-hand, and this weekend paranormal lovers will get to experience the ghosts that make this cute cottage so famous.

Rockford's Most-Haunted Gem

If you're ever making a list of things to do and places to see in Rockford, Illinois, Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens better be at the top of that list!

The Cottage is not only a stunning piece of architecture surrounded by beautiful gardens, but it is full of Rockford history and GHOSTS too. Don't believe me? Just listen to Kathi Kresol of Haunted Rockford tell us about some of the paranormal experiences she's personally had at Tinker Swiss Cottage...

Are you still doubtful that Tinker Swiss Cottage is crawling with spirits? Check out this video of our friend Double T actually communicating with Tinker's ghosts...

Now that I've completely freaked myself out, let's get to the good stuff...your chance to experience the Tinker spirits firsthand...

Paranormal Investigation at Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum & Gardens

In case you don't know, there is a big difference between going on a "ghost tour" and going on a "paranormal investigation". Ghost tours are more about hearing scary stories about a place, while a paranormal investigation involves hunting for the spirits responsible for those scary stories you've heard.

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens via Facebook, Canva
Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens via Facebook, Canva

This Saturday, June 15, 2023, Haunted Rockford is teaming up with the Society For Anomalous Studies to host a paranormal investigation of Tinker Swiss Cottage;

 Did you ever want to see what a real paranormal investigation is all about? This is your chance to find out. This event will let you be the paranormal investigator!

The investigation will begin in Tinker's barn at 7 p.m. and then move through the most active parts of the Cottage using equipment like cameras, voice recorders, dousing rods, and more. (If you have your own equipment, bring it with for the hunt!)

Tickets for this Paranormal Investigation are $40 per person and MUST be purchased in advance, so you better buy them NOW by clicking here!

To find more upcoming paranormal tours at Tinker Swiss Cottage, visit tinkercottage.com.

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