If you're single and actively online dating in Illinois, it could come with a serious cost.

We want to believe everybody has a heart of gold in this world, but there are some bad apples who take advantage of us when we least expect it.

I worked for the an Illinois police department for about 6 months.

I couldn't believe how many people drained their entire life savings for what they thought was LOVE with someone online.


Don't Fall For These 5 Cold-Hearted Romance Scams In Illinois

For some, they're on the pursuit to find "the one" no matter the price.  Finding a romantic partner online can lead to a higher chance of falling victim to a scam.

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#1: The Money Scam

If your online partner asks you to send them any amount of money right off the bat, it's a scam.  They'll most likely ask you to wire money for the "Military Ball", "to pay their phone bill", or "help their sick mother."

#2: "Too Perfect" Profile Pictures

Make sure to take a look at their social media profiles thoroughly.  If they have only a few friends, just made their Facebook, have no posts, or a profile picture that's really professional looking, you could be dating a catfish.

#3: The Love Confession

Your online lover confesses their love for you right away.  RUN!  This is an emotional tactic to reel you in, manipulate you, and then steal your personal information.

#4: Do They Really Live Out Of Town?

If the person says they can't video chat or meet in person because they live out of the country or deployed, don't believe it.  They'd make an effort to physically meet you.  They're only in it for your money, sorry!

#5: Wiring Money OR Gift Cards

This is the BIGGEST red flag, ever.  Nobody who truly wants to be with you will ask you to wire money through Western Union or MoneyGram.  Don't buy gift cards for them, either.  Your bank account will be drained in seconds.


Most people don't report these types of scams because they're extremely embarrassed, which is totally understandable.  I wouldn't want to either.

Hopefully these tips can help you the next time you're seeking a relationship with a mysterious lover online!

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