Stand-up comedy is something that holds a big spot in my heart. Since moving to Rockford, I've been dying to find places to watch some. These are the ones that have made my bucket list!

I did stand up for a short while in college. I took a class on it, performed at open mic nights, booked a gig at the Floodwater Comedy Festival, AND directed my own comedy show with the theatre department. You can see some of my stuff here! Safe to say, I had an amazing time and made so many friends while performing. It's been about 3 years since I've performed, the pandemic kind of put me in an anxiety bubble and I haven't come out of it quite yet.

However, since moving here, I want to find consistent spots to watch and support comedians! Being as close as we are to Chicago, I looked at spots that are super close to Rockford and made a list of places I want to check out this summer.

Spots Near Rockford to Watch Standup Comedy

Franchesco's Ristorante - 7128 Spring Creek Rd, Rockford, IL 61107

Franchesco's Comedy Night has been on my radar since I've moved here. I already enjoy their food, but a night of laughs would only add to my love for the place. So many people in the community have had nothing but good things to say about their Comedy Night, so going here is definitely in my future.

Comedy Cabin - 120 N. Crosby Ave, Janesville, WI 53548

This spot has been on my list to visit for a while now. I haven't ventured there yet, but I am going to be hitting up this spot in the summer. Several comedians that I've met have performed here, so that makes this place even more exciting to me. This place also looks exactly like the spots I used to perform at in Iowa City!

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The Comedy Vault - 18 E Wilson St, Batavia, IL 60510

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This place looks SO cool to me! Not only do they have comedy, they have SO many other forms of entertainment. It looks like they've had people from 'America's Got Talent' stop by to perform too! I hope I get to check this spot out because it looks like so much fun and the food menu looks awesome too.

If you love comedy as much as I do, let me know other spots nearby for me to check out! I can't wait for summertime when I feel more inclined to travel for fun things like this.

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