Illinois is home to plenty of dumb criminals doing stupid crimes but this incident immediately jumps to the top of the list so far for this year.

Illinois Racist Causes Major Disturbance In His Neighborhood

It's really sad that in this day and age, there are still racists living in our state. What's even worse is many of us have one living in our own neighborhood. Unfortunately, they make sure to be vocal and visible with their horrible beliefs. It's downright embarrassing. Nobody wants that on their block.

Insane Antics Of An Illinois Racist

This crazy man has built a very disturbing resume.  He's caused a lot of trouble in his Chicago neighborhood. The local police have been called several times about his disgusting actions. I'll share some of the ugly highlights. As you will see, the dude is a complete whack job.

According to, 

  • Squatter in an abandoned building.
  • Most of his insane actions happen on the roof.
  • He has several flags hanging on a tower at the top of the building including a yellow-and-red swastika flag, an upside-down American flag, a Ukrainian flag, a Chicago flag, a smiley face flag, and the flag of the U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division.
  • Yells and swears from the rooftop at the President of the United States and the police.
  • The suspect owns a flamethrower with propane tanks and fires it up all the time on the roof.
  • A few times the authorities had to lock down the whole neighborhood out of fear of what he might do.
  • He played very loud music that everyone on the block can hear and during this incident, his theme song was "Eye of the Tiger" from Survivor which he played over and over.
  • The man will fire guns and scream "I will kill you" over and over.
  • This guy took a laser pointer and shined it on a police helicopter.

A Sad Twisted Ending To The Story

Unfortunately, there's a sad ending to the story. The police finally had to send a SWAT team in after him during a long standoff. Went they entered the building, they found him deceased. The suspect had taken his own life. At least, he won't have the opportunity to hurt an innocent person.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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