It's the 32nd anniversary of the recording of the Super Bowl Shuffle by the Chicago Bears.

After watching the Chicago Bears for the last few seasons, it's hard to remember when they were good. As a fan, it's been very frustrating.

Non-Bear fans make fun of us because we always bring up the "85 Bears," but really that's all we have. Those are the good memories.

Jarrett Payton, son of the late great Walter Payton, yesterday tweeted out a reminder of a fun moment from that season. It was the Super Bowl Shuffle.

The song may have been super cheesy, but the fans loved it.

Could you imagine being in the studio that day with the team? Now, that would have been an awesome time.

If you are looking for some history, gives a nice look back.

“The Super Bowl Shuffle” was wide receiver Willie Gault’s pet project, designed to showcase the players, raise money for charity, and jump-start a fledgling local record label. But it became a juggernaut, earning a gold record, a platinum video, and a Grammy nomination."

Here's a flashback if you haven't seen it in awhile.

Hopefully, someday the team will be good enough again to win a Super Bowl.

Until then, we still have the 1985 Chicago Bear Super Bowl Champions to talk about.


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