I think this is a holiday that everyone in Rockford can get behind to celebrate.

It's happened to me many times in my life.

I start out doing laundry with ten socks, but by the time I'm done, there's only nine.

How does that happen?

Where does that lost sock go?

I don't dare throw the now extra oddball sock out, because the lost one could eventually show up.

Now, I have a bunch of mismatching socks that I will never wear taking up space in a drawer.

I believe that I learn something new every day and today I found out there is an actual holiday celebrating lost socks.

"May 9 recognizes a fun and unique holiday, National Lost Sock Memorial Day."

I know what you are thinking. This is the dumbest thing ever, but give me a chance to explain.

"Now is the time to let go and move on.  Clean out all of your left behind socks. Make sock puppets or recycle those old socks by reusing them as dust rags!  Say your final goodbyes to your lost socks using #LostSockMemorialDay."

This officially gives you the okay to finally get rid of all those single socks you've been holding on to.

Empower yourself and get into the spirit of "National Lost Sock Memorial Day."

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