The depression has probably sunk in because the Chicago Cubs are no longer World Series Champions, but here's some fun info that will hopefully help.

Reality has set in. Somebody is World Series Champion and it's not the Cubs. The year of celebrating has ended. We are back to "There's Always Next Year." Don't get me wrong. I know we will have a good team for many years to come, but it is still a little depressing.

If you are like me and missing the Cubs and Wrigley Field, here is some info that could help put a smile on your face. You might already know all of this stuff, but it's all for the healing process.

Ten Fast Facts About Wrigley Field thanks to,

  1. The Ivy Was Planted in 1937
  2. The Scoreboard has been around since 1937 too.
  3. There are rules for home run balls (throw it back).
  4. It was originally called Weeghman Park.
  5. Lights weren't added until 1988.
  6. The first night game was rained out.
  7. Only ballpark with neighbors who can watch games on their rooftop.
  8. Chicago Bears played there 1921-1970.
  9. "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" with Harry Carey almost didn't happen.
  10. Babe Ruth's famous called shot.

I hope that helps you feel better.

What is your favorite fact about Wrigley Field not included on this list?

Video: Rockford East High School Football Coach Gary Griffin discusses historic season.


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