Every day a woman from Illinois swims in the cold thirty-degree water of Lake Michigan.

Some people can just handle the freezing cold weather. My neighbors have a pool. The kids were still out there playing in late September. When I pulled into my driveway, I check the temperature gauge, it was in the '50s. That is way too cold for me. I used to be that guy that wore shorts all winter. No way I can do that anymore.

For years, people tried to get me to be on their Polar Plunge Team. For a long time, I was able to come up with a good excuse to get out of it. I would just make a donation. A couple of years ago, I told Captain Jack if 96.7 The Eagle got involved and started a team I would join in. Well, of course, the guy got it all set up so I was in.

I am not going to lie. It is really cold. Luckily, you are in the water for only like thirty seconds. It is still a shock to the system. I think I actually blackout for a second. Plus, the air is still really frigid too, and it is a bit of a walk to the changing tent. Besides that, I had a great time and it is for such a great cause, I did it again. I am looking forward to this year but I will tell you more about that later in this story.

Once a year is enough for me. I could not imagine doing it multiple times let alone every day. No one would actually do that, would they?

According to nbcchicago.com,

" Vaida Guthmann shared a photo of herself immersed in the dangerously cold water, surrounded by an "ice lily pad formation," on Facebook. The Glencoe mother of three, who is originally from Lithuania, said she has "been practicing cold water immersion, almost daily, since January 2020, mostly in Lake Michigan." Guthmann said the weather was "perfect" for cold water swimming, noting the water temp read 30 degrees and the air temp was 14 degrees."

I think I will stick with my routine at the Polar Plunge. Speaking of which. Once again, 96.7 The Eagle has a team and we would like to invite you to join us. If you do not want to jump into the cold water, I totally understand. You can still help out by making a donation. For more info, HERE.

Video: 96.7 The Eagle "Polar Plunge 2021" Video

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