After mixing a drink in a grocery store, an Illinois woman gets arrested.

I'm not proud but back in the day my friends and I use to get "road sodies" for trips. That meant getting some alcohol for the ride, driver excluded.

Beers were too hard to hide, so it was mixed drinks. We would hit a gas station for jumbo size fountain drinks but didn't fill them all the way. Then grabbed a bottle of something and mix it with the pop.

Of course, we purchased everything and made the beverages outside of the business.

I admit not the smartest thing to do, but much better than this woman in Peoria, Illinois. She forgot an important step.

According to,

"A security officer watched as a woman walked into the liquor section and “concealed a bottle of vodka on her person,” She then went into a restroom. Upon coming out, she was confronted by the security officer. She had emptied the vodka into a Gatorade bottle."

Next time, she might want to pay it.


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