If you want something done, sometimes it's best to just do it yourself. That appears to be the mantra of an Illinois woman who told police 5 suspects robbed and attacked her so she hit them with her own car.

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The Peoria Police Department shared this interesting crime story on Facebook today. Note that while all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, I think we can already award vigilante of the year to the woman who was attacked.

Did I miss something or is the adult female who took the law into her own hands not named? That's a shame since this caped crusader should get a plaque or something.

The good news is that it doesn't appear anyone was seriously injured. The Peoria Police Department status update said one suspect had some injuries but has already been released from the hospital back into police custody aka "the long arm of the Peoria law".

It's interesting that the victim was allowed to carry out her own justice as a vigilante. I'm no law expert and won't speculate about what she did was right or wrong, but I'm not gonna lie that I did smile a little bit when I saw that the suspects did not escape because of her quick thinking. Good thing no one was seriously hurt though. That would be another issue altogether.

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